Antonia Akai-Casuccio

With an educational background in Fashion Design, Antonia has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years.  Originally trained in display at Holt Renfrew, she soon added merchandising, fixture and retail design to her list of abilities and achievements.

Five years of experience working in the US for major retailers Club Monaco (overseeing merchandising and visuals for Southern California), and Old Navy (writing merchandising and visual direction for flagship and high volume anchor stores), has given her a comprehensive understanding of high volume retail that she brings to all her projects.

A particular specialty has been working with US retailers as they launch into Canada.  This includes Urban Outfitters in 1996, Old Navy in 2001, and most recently, Anthropologie in 2009.  “I really enjoyed working with these retailers to help give them a strong grounding in a new market.  Observing shopping patterns and trends, and adapting already established US procedures and tailoring them specifically for a Canadian market is an exciting process for me.”

It is her belief that it is not enough to simply place product on the sales floor – it should be purposeful, compelling and should represent the brand in a way that creates a unique experience for customers that will keep them returning time and again.  Starting with windows, display should entice the customer into the store. Once inside, interior display should be used to guide the customer throughout the space, both engaging and informing their shopping experience.

By balancing strong knowledge in both business and aesthetics, Antonia employs her display, merchandising and design skills to create successful and compelling retail environments that not only entice the customer to shop, but also to return for the experience.